Leave (2023)

Created by: Cara Benedetto and Liang Luscombe
Role: Director of Photography, live sequences

'Leave' uses puppetry to explore representations of Caucasian women and drunkenness in film and television. The stumbling woman, made famous in television streaming platforms such as Fleabag, Killing Eve, and Single Drunk Female, is introduced face down on the carpet at the end of the night, surrounded by bottles and beer cans. She appears as a part-human-part-puppet character trying to piece together the night before. Combining a series of poetic and directorial voiceovers, subtitles, and text messages, 'Leave' explores the erotics of the relationship between puppeteer and puppet, showing the way the puppeteer supports and manipulates the puppet to ask questions about agency and intoxication within the body horror genre.

Created by Cara Benedetto and Liang Luscombe
Featuring Courtney Mackedanze and Stephanie Jacobson
Sound Design by Coco Klockner
Camera by Jon Hustead and Liang Luscombe
Colour Grading by Peter Hatzipavlis
Directed by Liang Luscombe
Project Assistance by Cesar Echevarria

Below is a short excerpt of the full film: