Grid Video Series

Kiewit Luminarium

Client: Exploratorium
Production Company: ephemera
Role: Production Company and Director of Photography

The Kiewit Luminarium is “a place for people of all ages, identities, and backgrounds to explore astonishing phenomena at the intersection of science, art, and human perception.” Designed by The Exploratorium in partnership with Heritage Services and HDR, the center is a primary attraction on Omaha’s riverfront. The Grid is an iconic feature within the space— a two story, permanent structure that explores the creative problem solving required to take care of our everyday physical environment, from mending clothes to filling potholes. The Exploratorium collaborated with 11 Omaha community members to create this interactive, tactile, and visual experience.

To bring these collaborator’s voices into the exhibit and take visitors out into their worlds, The Exploratorium commissioned a series of short documentary vignettes to play in each section of the grid. Each highlights an aspect of caring for our world through the story of a community member and their organization. The Exploratorium brought Tessa Wedberg on as a consultant in early 2022 to shape the creative approach to the films. They partnered with Jon Hustead's production company to complete the project through final delivery and installation. It was an honor for us to help tell these beautiful stories and celebrate what makes our community great.


Jon Hustead — Production Company + Director of Photography

Tessa V. Wedberg — Series Director + Executive Producer

Joshua Foo — Episode Director

Sarah Rowe — Episode Director

Greg LaVern Lilly — Series Producer

Anna Finocchiaro — Photographer

Lauren Abell — 2nd Camera + Editor

Amélie Raoul — 2nd Camera + Editor

Samson Foo — 2nd Camera

Andre Sessions — 2nd Camera

Christopher Marshall — Camera Assistant

Sharonda Harris-Marshall —  Editor

Sarah Krohn — Post Sound