Go Set the World on Fire

Creighton University

Agency: Ervin and Smith Advertising
A production by: Tessa Wedberg
Role: Director of Photography

Producer: Laura von Roenn
Director: Tessa V. Wedberg
DP: Jon Hustead
B Camera Operator: Amélie Raoul
Editor and AC: Lauren Abell
HMU: Liz Friend
Sound mix: Ben Brodin
Production Assistant: Christopher Marshall
Productino Assistant: Val Shafack

Thanks to:

Dr. Carol Zuegner, Ph.D.
Dr. Gwendalyn King, Ph.D.
Dr. Soochin Cho, Ph.D.
Dr. Travis John Bourret, Ph.D.
Dr. Courtney Baillie, Ph.D.

Dr. Timothy P. McMahon, Ph.D., J. Blue Marketing Agency

Sheila Daley, Director of Residential Dining, Creighton Dining Team — Sodexo

Scott Byerley, iJay Store general manager

Freshman Leadership Program

Hardy Coffee Co.

Gene Leahy Mall at The RiverFront